Jonas Göweil

Enduro Rider & Downhill Biker

There are no limits!

Sports and especially extreme sports are my passion since ever. As a child, at the age of 8 years, I discovered my passion about extreme and adrenaline sports. At that time, I dedicated myself entirely to the discipline of freestyle/ski, which would take me, 6 years later (in 2016) as an athlete to the International Children’s Games (Youth Olympics) in Austria.

But adrenaline while free skiing in winter was not enough for me. During summer, I was a lot out with the bike and on the mountain, so my new passion was immediately clear to me – ENDURO  

So, it came, that my passion became a competition and my motivation to join competitions increased more and more. Since 2015, I participate in international competitions. My continuous achievements and successes motivate me to always take on new challenges and to grow beyond my limits.

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Upcoming Races

This year I’m going to race some of the best races in the racing calendar of EWS, EDC and Crankworx. I’m looking forward to an educational season and will keep you up to date.